Data Science Consulting Program

We help local organizations and non-profits solve problems and answer questions through data by offering training on best practices for data collection, management, and interpretation.

About Us

Data Needs

Many groups within MassMutual spend countless hours manually summarizing data sets and preparing reports delivered to company officers. This time-consuming process leaves little room for analysis. Our Data Science team has created interactive, web-based visualizations that connect these teams to real-time data feeds and statistically rich reports, allowing for many hours saved and insights gained. We look to bring this same approach to community organizations and local nonprofits seeking to collent, manipulate, and leverage their data and their reporting in a reliable and meaningful way.

Challenge and Opportunity

Many of today’s organizations are struggling with how to best collect, manage, and capitalize on the data they possess. As a result, business questions may remain unanswered, strategies remain unsupported, and business insights may be based more on intuition than fact. A 2012 study found that just 26-50% of non-profits, depending on the industry, use existing data to make business decisions. High-impact organizations may be sitting on mounds of useful information, but often cannot leverage it due to a lack of time or resources.


It is tough to overstate the value of of data that is clean, automated, and easily retrieved. Achieving this state not only enables quick and accurate data summaries, but facilitates decision-making. We at MassMutual Data Science pride ourselves on creating knowledge and building services from data that enable enterprise wide data-driven decision making. We hope to bring this capability, and the resulting benefits, to businesses besides our own. Our pro bono consulting program to provide data management support to nonprofits in our area and beyond.

For Non-Profits

Our volunteer data scientists are on hand to help with effective data collection, automating data entry, report building, data visualization, and drawing insights from your data. We can also help with merging and intergrating disparate data sources for the purposes of analysis. Our services are pro bono and start with a one hour consultation.

For Volunteers

As volunteer data science consultants, we pledge to:

1. Meet our clients where they are. We aim for solutions that help our clients be most successful, regardless of technical expertise.

2. Practice sustainability. We offer recommendations and implement solutions that require no or minimal intervention.

3. Diagnose the right problem. We focus on what you ask for.

4. Embrace the opportunity to learn. Our clients bring their own level of expertise about domains we are unfamiliar with. Learning about and intergrating unique industry expertise that our clients provide is crucial to building effective and sustainable data solutions. We are excited about what we can build together.

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