Our Data Science Development Program offers a unique industry leading program that combines high-impact industry experience with hands-on training, mentorship, and coursework.

Academic Rigor

Each member of the DSDP completes a blended curriculum of Five College coursework, in-house workshops led by local faculty, online courses, and graduate-level study. The coursework is customized to address individual interests and development plans. Typical coursework encompass upper-level computer science classes, such as machine learning, graphical models, natural language processing, and databases, and upper-level statistics classes, such as mathematical statistics, applied regression, multivariate analysis, and applied experimental design. In-house trainings include workshops in Python, SQL, and Data Visualization. We also host weekly seminars led by teammates to share learnings and best practices being developed across the organization.

Well-Rounded Learning

Participants in the DSDP have the opportunity to work across domains in the data science team, gaining exposure to project work in finance, marketing, product development, security and more. Rotations into project work outside of data science, such as into project work in Software Engineering, Data Engineering, and Data Visualization are required to ensure broad exposure to the complex interdisciplinary nature of data-driven work. Since the ability to communicate data science outcomes and deliverables is fundamental to this work, a major focus of the DSDP is communication and presentation development. Modules in communication, story telling, and the art of presenting are another core piece in the development track. Participants will have a multitude of opportunties to practice presenting their work to a wide range of audiences throughout their time in the development program.

Community Focused

We believe that we do our best work together. Because of that, community-minded learning, mentorship, and engagement are important elements in the DSDP. Each DSDP member is paired with at least one peer mentor and at least one senior mentor from the technology team whom they meet and work with over the next two to three years. There are also many opportunities for community engagement. Our data science team sponsors and participates in a number of local hackathons throughout the year, our team members lead tech talks in the community, and our team participates in a number of "data for good" efforts throughout the year, often in partnership with local institutions.

Christine Pfeil, Program Director

Meet the Team

Cheng-Ying Eng

Maddie Laethem

Jeanie Lim

Isha Raut

Tam Tran The

Deepshikha Adhikari

Erina Fukuda

Evan Moore

Jennifer Halbleib

Alex Bogdan

Quentin Dupupet

Emily Dzwil

Edwood Brice

Amy Gao

Anisha Pai

Olivia Comeau

Thu Dao

Trang Tran