Site Reliability Engineering

We build abstractions and tools for our development teams that promote DevOps practices.

Problem Domains

Integration and Deployment

CI / CD automated pipelines encompassing build -> test -> deploy stages for all applications. The tech stack includes GitHub, BitBucket, Jenkins and Docker Swarm.


Logging and Monitoring systems to automate the key telemetry concerns of all applications. The tech stack includes EFK (ElasticSearch, FluentD, Kibana), Prometheus, Grafana, Pingdom and Sentry.

Security and Networking

Secrets Management, Security guardrails and proxy solutions to manage routing for microservices and applications. The tech stack includes Traefik, Nginx and Hashicorp Vault.

Cost Optimzation and Capacity Planning

Automating the cost optimization strategies to leverage the best solution to host workloads. The tech stack includes engineered/adapted solutions using AWS (serverless) services.

Meet the Team

Anthony Kelley

Jesse Cafarelli

Giancarlo Espinoza

Alex Chen