Site Reliability Engineering

We build abstractions & tools for our development teams that promote DevOps practices.

Problem Domains

Integration & Deployment

CI / CD automated pipelines encompassing build -> test -> deploy stages for all applications. The tech stack includes GitHub, BitBucket, Jenkins & Docker Swarm.


Logging and Monitoring systems to automate the key telemetry concerns of all applications. The tech stack includes EFK (ElasticSearch, FluentD, Kibana), Prometheus, Grafana, Pingdom & Sentry.

Security & Networking

Secrets Management, Security guardrails and proxy solutions to manage routing for microservices and applications. The tech stack includes Traefik, Nginx and Hashicorp Vault.

Cost Optimzation & Capacity Planning

Automating the cost optimization strategies to leverage the best solution to host workloads. The tech stack includes engineered/adapted solutions using AWS (serverless) services.

SRE Team

Adam Blackwell

Eric Hubbard

Anthony Kelley

Jesse Cafarelli

Chris Thompson

Mukesh Sharma